Interwoven Conference

12 July 2013

On Thursday 13 June, the 2012 Class of Marshall Scholars teamed up with Goodenough College to host the inaugural conference of Interwoven, a new initiative to address the reality that in our world of ever-increasing specialization, interconnectivity is needed more than ever to understand and address shared challenges. Inspired by platforms like TED and the wide demand for higher-level discourse, Interwoven is about seeing deeper by seeing connections: in art, business, science, politics, and life.

The evening opened with a performance of "Come With Me", an original poem by Marshall Scholar Garrett Turner. Mr. Turner invited attendees to join him on a journey through the world's wonders, later introducing each speaker and topic. Attendees heard from academic and private sector leaders on a wide variety of topics. Mr. Joe Osnoss, Managing Director, Silver Lake Europe, spoke on the integration of information technology in multiple sectors; Mr. Ofer Deshe, Former Director of Strategy and Operations for Electronic Ink, discussed emotional product design; and Mr. Simon Schillebeecx, Imperial College London, brought biological theories of evolution to bear on management theories of firms. 

Marshall Scholars Christina Chang and Daphne Ezer spoke on the interdisciplinary nature of their research. Ms. Chang shared the collaborative nature of two research labs seeking to power the planet's future through artificial photosynthesis. Ms. Ezer discussed how physics and computer science are useful tools in understanding genetic research on transcription factors. 

The evening also included the premiere of a piece composed by Marshall Scholar Elizabeth Ogonek for guitar and violin, performed by 2012 Scholars Michael Poll and Madalyn Parnas. 

Further Interwoven events are in the works. In the meantime, the Interwoven website hosts a blog highlighting initiatives and news stories from around the world using multiple perspectives to solve problems. Please visit for more information.