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Scholar profiled in Vogue
28 April 2010
2001 Marshall Scholar Sarah Lewis 2001 Marshall Scholar Sarah Lewis has been profiled in the May Edition of American Vogue: ...
Marshall Scholar wins Nobel Prize
09 October 2009
1972 Marshall Scholar Roger Tsien wins Nobel Prize in Chemistry Roger Tsien, a professor of pharmacology at the University of California, San Diego, has won the 2008 Nobel Prize in ...
Scholar discovers new Dinosaur
21 September 2009
2006 Marshall Scholar Part of Team that Discovers New Dinosaur 2006 Marshall Scholar, Stephen Brusatte, who works for the Division of Paleontology, American Museum of Natural History, has ...
Marshall Scholars swim English Channel
22 July 2009
Marshall Scholars swim the English Channel 2007 Marshall Scholar Sophie Rutenbar On 14 July 2009 Sophie Rutenbar, who is a 2007 Marshall Scholar, swam the English Channel. She completed this ...
Scholar wins Silver Medal at Beijing Olympics
20 August 2008
1998 Marshall Scholar Josh West wins Silver Medal Josh West, 1998 Marshall Scholar, rowed in Great Britain's 8 to win a silver medal at the Beijing Olympics on Sunday 17 August 2008. The ...
Marshall Scholar Economist
02 May 2008
1995 Marshall Scholar Named in The Economist International Bright Young Things. The Economist 30 December 2008.Amy Finkelstein, 1995 Marshall Scholar, was named by the Economist as one of the ...

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