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2013 Marshall Scholarship Winners
2013 Marshall Scholarship Winners 03 December 2012
The Marshall Aid Commemoration Commission is delighted to announce the winners of the 2013 Marshall Scholarships chosen by the eight regional committees. The winners are as follows: Solomon ...
Scholar wins seat in the House of Representatives
12 November 2012
1996 Marshall Scholar Derek Kilmer wins seat in US House of Representatives 1996 Marshall Scholar Derek Kilmer has won the Washington's 6th District seat in the House of Representatives. ...
2002 Marshall Scholar becomes Columnist
01 November 2012
2002 Marshall Scholar Becomes Columnist at Baltimore Sun Lionel Foster has become the newest columnist at the Baltimore Sun. If you watch the video he talks about his Marshall Scholarship. ...
1979 Marshall Scholar Sets up Essay Prize
01 August 2012
1979 Marshall Scholar Jeff Rosensweig funds prize at Brasenose College Oxford An essay competition has been inaugurated in honour of Professor Vernon Bogdanor, Tutor in Politics. The ...
Marshall Scholars talk about London Olympics
27 July 2012
2010 Marshall Scholar Andrew Ehrich and 2011 Marshall Scholars Liz Deutsch and Jonathan Warsh take a ride on the Emirates cable cars and talk about the 2012 London Olympics.
Scholar wins John Bates Clark Medal
02 May 2012
1995 Marshall Scholar Amy Finkelstein wins John Bates Clark Medal 1995 Marshall Scholar Amy Finkelstein has won the John Bates Clark Medal for Economics. The Clark Medal is given to an ...
Scholar wins Pulitzer Prize
17 April 2012
1994 Marshall Scholar Jeffrey Gettleman wins Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting 1994 Marshall Scholar Jeffrey Gettleman, the East Africa bureau chief for The New York Times, won the ...
Scholars send Experiment into Space
03 May 2011
1996 Marshall Scholar Mark Hersam Professor Mark Hersam, 1996 Marshall Scholar, Professor of Materials Science at Northwestern University, has an experiment aboard the Space Shuttel Endeavour ...
Scholar appointed to Deputy Secretary of State
01 April 2011
1978 Marshall Scholar William J Burns Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that Bill Burns has been nominated for the position of Deputy Secretary of State. ...
Scholar named as Managing Editor CNN
01 April 2011
1979 Marshall Scholar Mark Whitaker 1979 Marshall Scholar Mark Whitaker has been appointed as the Vice-President and Managing Editor of CNN Worldwide. ...

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